Many thanks to all who participated in the September Senior Scramble

2020 Die Hard Cross Country Scramble Results

Flight A

1st Place – Steve Svoboda, Mike Lupo, Mike Holub, Jeff Burton!
2nd Place – Brad Lajoie, Wes Graf, Dalton Rhodes, James Fiorito!
3rd Place – Dave Schacherer, Rich Colecchia, Doug Schmitt, Andrew Bender!
4th Place – Gary Meinen Group 4!
5th Place – Ron Martin, Kyle Martin, Mike Hanlon, Dave Hanlon!

Flight B

1st Place – Chris Watson, Ric Zydorowicz, Jim Hassels, Mike Kozlowski!
2nd Place – Steve Miller, Tim Moran, Mike Cihak, Doug Gale!
3rd Place – Rick Walrath, Lee Black, Jeff Brown, Scott Longer!
4th Place – Michael Remensnyder, Adam Papinchock, Dan Brunner, Jack Christou!
5th Place – Gary Meinen Group 1!

Flight C

1st Place – Scott Perrault, Jeff Schultz, Carlos Velasquez, Mark Weishaar!
2nd Place – Dave Wille, Rick Hueneke, Jeff Hayden, Darrin Bacon!
3rd Place – Brian Schoepke, Sean Turner, Mark Neiderkorn!
4th Place – Al Schmidt, Earl Donoho, Curt Schmidt, Ryan!
5th Place – Drew LaLiberty Group!

Flight D

1st Place – Greg Zuleger, John Phillips, Jerry Ceilak, Boib Gasewski!
2nd Place – John Czarnecki, Harry Connor, Scott Swenson, Brett Swenson!
3rd Place – Mike Cederland, Andy Harrison, Chris Bond, Sean Donohue!
4th Place – Gary Meinen Group 3!
5th Place – Gary Meinen Group 2!

Your may pick up your merchandise certificate in the golf shop if you have not done so already. These credits must be used within the next 2 weeks.